Band Members

Please check out the band members and their profiles by clicking their names. We are currently trying to increase the number of members in SDPBHD and would love for you to come along to one of our practices to see if piping or drumming is for you! Anyone is welcome and it’s only £5 a month! Please click here for more information.

Emma Bishop (Pipe Major)
Laura Daly
Laura Glass
Hannah Geddes
Keith Hornby
Stewart MacKay
Martha Reid
Becka Smith
Dave Stewart
Roy Mcsherry (Drum Major)
Ellie Slater
Martin Ellis
Samuel Miller

Kelly Bishop (Secretary)

John Daly
Chris Glass

Richard Hodgson
Walt Geddes
Kasi Waddington
Porscha Moat

We’re looking for learners!

Liz Bishop
Sharon Geddes
Elaine Glass
Jo Slater